Saturday, July 10, 2010


Artplay 3D has now made it to our stores
The first edition consists of 30 sets, initialed and numbered.
Prints featured are Le Corbusier's Unite d'Habitation in Marseilles, Amsterdam's House of Faces and St Mark's Basilica in Venice.
20 wood blocks are in each set, box dimensions are 32cm x 42cm x 12cm. Each set boxed weighs approximately 8kgs.


This Artplay 3D set is a freeform model-making kit that gives the

owner title to realise imagined city masterplans, cathedrals, low

cost housing schemes, modernist residences, Tokyo shopping

centres, power stations, tree houses …

Artplay 3D is made by hand screen printing 1960’s photographs of

architecture onto wooden blocks fashioned from timbers salvaged

from heritage Melbourne buildings.

There’s something familiar about working with these blocks, they

trigger memories, perhaps from childhood or a film, or a

constructed image from a novel.

1960’s photography, St Mark’s Basilica, historic wood, Amsterdam,

Unite d’Habitation, tell tale signs of a previous life, Le Corbusier, a

keyhole… All the pieces in this set have a legacy both in their

materials and their form.

The pale, heavy tongue & groove floor boards were taken from

one of the first cuts of Australian old growth Carrie Pine, milled in

1880 for Lonsdale House, later to become The Emporium in the

1930’s. Heralded by the National Trust as a heritage landmark, the

building was demolished in January 2010. Those original Carrie

Pine tongue & groove boards live on in this set.

Another story of natural heritage is found in the exceptionally light

1950’s redwood door sections made from old growth Red Cedar

from British Colombia, part of the giant arborvitae ‘tree of life’

group. Looking at the grain of this wood it’s possible to realise the

scale and age of this species, six metres around and eighty metres

high, living up to 1500 years and now found in this first edition of

Artplay 3D.

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