Friday, June 11, 2010

New Artworks

New Backing Cloth and Fennel Botanical artworks available in store now.

Wild Fennel Foeniculum vulgare

Southern European native from the Apiaceae family, introduced to Australia.
An invasive, perennial herb that can grow up to two metres high. Fennel is considered to be a serious environmental weed in Australia and is commonly found along railway tracks, industrial wastelands and unkempt coastal sites.
The example used to create this design was found in autumn in an overgrown site at the edge of port Philllip Bay, in the Melbourne suburb of Williamstown.

The Backing Cloth Artworks
In the Spacecraft studio there is a table just dedicated to experimentation, new designs, trials and print-off. The backing cloth covering the table becomes saturated by the progressions and ideas of the studio. Gradually chance compositions are found and caught just before they are forgotten beneath the next project. Somehow these artworks reflect the energy of the studio in full flight.
They are one off images, a record of the Spacecraft printing process. Each artwork is signed by Stewart Russell, dated and given an indicator of when the cloth was on the table. These pieces are originals that cannot be repeated, making them very popular.

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