Wednesday, June 23, 2010

URBAN CROP at Spacecraft

We are very excited to be getting Urban Crop plants into Spacecraft stores. From tomorrow, be sure to find bright yellow and white tulips blossoming in our windows- and available to buy.

Urban Crop is the brainchild of Melbourne's much loved not-just-a-Horticulturalist, Joost Bakker,and his business partner Renee Nutbean, and is a thrillingly environmentally conscientious venture- from the crop packaging to the soil. All of Urban Crop's flowers have their roots and bulbs still intact and sitting in Joost's special soil- so they are a living plant rather than a dead cutting, and last much longer. You can let the plant live as is in it's fantastic brown bag, and save the bulbs for planting next season. Alternatively you can compost it after it's past it's bloom, or return to us and we'll hand the remains to Urban Crop for composting, keeping our soil rich and our minds clear.

To check out more information visit Urban Crop's website, and for a bit more, visit Lucy's post about Urban Crop on The Design Files.

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