Saturday, November 27, 2010

12 ANGELS now in stores

Twelve Angels was created in the spacecraft studio by Stewart Russell.

recollections on the origins of the idea:

It was a sunday, I was rearranging a bookcase when I came across an old

sketchbook... full of ideas for artworks, diagrams and descriptions. It was

from a long time ago, probably only a year or two out of art college. Some of

the projects had been realised, but I stopped at an idea I’d almost completely

forgotten. There were about six pages of notes and sketches of Angels, I

was trying to link an essay by Walter Benjamin, I guess 1940’s, and the Wim

Wenders movie, Wings of Desire which would’ve been early 80’s. On the last

page I’d scribbled down a line on Walter Benjamin’s critique of a Paul Klee


“ the angel of history - being drawn inexorably into the future by progress, but

travelling forward into the future looking backwards - facing our history”.

Then Grace and Flora came back and I realised the bookcase would have to

wait for another day - so I grabbed the camera and we went in search of Angels.

The process of recreating a photograph as a screen print is underpinned by creating a

halftone film from a continuous tone photograph. From that point, once the image is on

screen you can begin to explore the possibilities.

One evening, after a long session of testing print qualities, we were looking at a wall of

prints and discussing how to proceed. Then an idea emerged, pehaps we could show

the range of processes. So rather than making a decision on a single approach I decided

to make twelve Angels, created individually using sections of the studio backing cloth,

elaborately layered botanical imagery, masks, stencils, transparent and semi opaque

washes or simply priming fabric highlighting the qualities of the photograph.

Thanks to the spacecraft team that worked on this project, Clara Gladstone, Marina Breit

and Danielle Smyth.

Twelve Angels NOW IN STORES

spacecraft studio - new work

contact studio to discuss / view (03) 9329 4129

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