Monday, November 8, 2010

Spacecraft T-towels

While searching the amazing archives of old Melbourne architecture we came across this gem, the Melbourne CBD plan from 1954. It's so extreme, you would be laughed out of the house if a planner came up with any one of these concepts today. To play a bit further with this one we asked our local bush foods expert about what could have been found in these areas previously, and added some localities for these too.

Australia always offers up good tales of historic authorship, especially in naming and giving things title. The gum we call 'Yellow Gum' and often print with was taken from the tree just outside the studio in North Melbourne, this beauty also goes under the name of 'Tarrk' for the Djadja Wurrung people or 'Rosea Leucoxylon Connata' in Latin. We're enjoying the play between the Indigenous and the Latin names.

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